Yellowstone | Final episodes delayed, Kevin Costner’s Horizon will come first

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone
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There’s still no confirmation that Kevin Costner will return to finish off Yellowstone, as the show’s final episodes get pushed further back.

To call what’s apparently the final season of smash hit drama Yellowstone troubled would not run the risk of legal action. Since the first half of Yellowstone season five aired, the show’s drama has played out behind the scenes, with reports that its creator and showrunner – Taylor Sheridan – isn’t on the best of terms with its leading man, Kevin Costner.

Costner’s working schedule of late has been dedicated to his Horizon saga of movies – a series of up to four westerns that he’s co-written, starred in and directed himself. The first two films are confirmed for US release next summer, although we await – well, I certainly do – news of when we’re going to get them in the UK.

What is now certain is that the first two Horizon movies will be arriving before we get the conclusion to Yellowstone. The show, the top performer on Paramount’s networks, has seen the release of its concluding episodes pushed back to November 2024, with the ongoing actors’ strike taking some of the blame.

Uncertainty continues, though, as to whether Kevin Costner will actually return to the role of John Dutton to end the arc of his character. The Yellowstone saga is continuing that notwithstanding, with two more spin-off shows greenlit in the last week or two – 1944 and 2024 – and both will be shepherded by Taylor Sheridan.

There are six more episodes due to screen of Yellowstone’s main show, to round out its five season run, though. To our knowledge, not a frame of that footage has thus far been shot. As things stand, the latest episode screened on January 1st 2023, leaving the show at a point that – no spoilers – audiences wouldn’t ideally be waiting nearly two years to see resolved. Yet here we are.

More on Yellowstone, and a wagon-load more on Horizon, as soon as we learn more.


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