British horror Double Date is finally getting a well-deserved disc release

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A terrific horror comedy finally finds its way to disc, as Double Date is earmarked for a September release.

One of the best reviewed British horror movies of the last year or two has been Double Date, from director Ben Barfoot.

Written by Danny Morgan, the film was made in 2017, and got a theatrical release (albeit a modest one) just under two years ago. Since then though, the only way to see the film has been on digital services such as Sky Cinema, as the movie never got a disc release.

Well, that’s all change now, thanks to new British firm Sparky Pictures. It’s issuing the film on DVD and Blu-ray for the first time, and it’ll be in stores next month. And if you’ve not had the pleasure, it’s just the kind of film that deserves your support.

The cast of the movie is led by Morgan, with Michael Socha and Georgia Groome. Big Narstie and Dexter Fletcher are also in the ensemble.

The disc goes on sale – at last! – from September 9th.

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