Capcom reportedly remaking Resident Evil Zero and Code: Veronica

Resident Evil Zero
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Following its Resident Evil 4 remake, Capcom is reportedly in the process of updating two spin-offs – Resident Evil Zero and Code: Veronica.

Capcom took something of a gamble when it remade Resident Evil 4 last year, but it undoubtedly paid off – the current-gen version providing a sensitive update of the ground-breaking 2005 original.

According to recent reports, Capcom is now turning its attention to a pair of Resident Evil spin-offs: 2000’s Resident Evil – Code: Veronica and 2002’s Resident Evil Zero. Both were third-person survival horror games, much like the mainline franchise, but came with their own narrative twists on the formula. Resident Evil Zero’s story switched between two protagonists – cop Rebecca Chambers and convict Billy Coen – and featured a horde of mutant killer leeches.

Code: Veronica was set on a prison island and followed the investigations of brother-sister S.T.A.R.S agents. Both spin-offs were big successes in their day, and both have been remastered in the past; Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster came out in 2015 and Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X came out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011.

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With Capcom’s more recent remakes, though, the company has tended to add new features rather than simply update the graphics – the stealth and crafting added to Resident Evil 4 spring to mind. It’ll be interesting to see how Zero and Code: Veronica are updated for a new generation of computers and consoles.

Reports of the remakes were first floated by one Dusk Golem on Twitter (or X, if you must), though IGN has been able to back the claims up via its own sources.

Capcom’s also working on a ninth mainline Resident Evil entry, details of which are scarce. Nor has the studio said anything about remaking Resident Evil 5 or 6 – though given the controversy sparked by the former and the mixed reviews garnered by the latter, perhaps that’s not surprising.

More on these remakes as we get it.

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