Chad Stahelski’s Highlander reboot moving forward at Lionsgate

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John Wick director Chad Stahelski is helming a reboot of Highlander which is officially moving forward at Lionsgate.

Based on the 1986 film starring Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown, a new version of Highlander has been given the green light from Lionsgate.

The project is helmed by Chad Stahelski and the film is heading to AFM (American Film Market) where it’s up for sale, but Lionsgate, the studio producing the film, seems to be moving forward with it, if we’re to believe Deadline.

The original film followed immortal beings who possessed a quality called the “Quickening”. They were unable to die unless beheaded but were able to increase their own power by taking another immortal’s head. Gross, we know.

Chad Stahelski directing John Wick 3

Chad Stahelski on set of John Wick 3

Highlander was poorly received by critics, but it quickly garnered a cult following and is considered a cult classic today. Queen provided music for the film. Highlander II, released in 1991, was panned by critics and is often listed among the worst films ever made. Interest in the following sequels dwindled fast.

Henry Cavill is attached to star in the reboot, in a deal done before the current SAG-AFTRA strike which has left Hollywood a little barren for new films. It looks like Highlander could begin production as early as next year if things go to plan.

Stahelski has previously talked about the Highlander reboot as the first entry of a trilogy. The original film spawned four sequels as well as a TV show. Deadline reports that Lionsgate are pouring $100m on the new film, making it likely that they are investing in a franchise starter rather than just a standalone film.

Stahelski is obviously the man for the job. His four John Wick films have brought in a lot of cash at Lionsgate so we can see why the studio is keen on getting him to helm another franchise.

Of course, the SAG-AFTRA strike is still going on and until that is resolved, the film can’t move forward with casting or filming, so we predict the project won’t be able to start filming until late 2024 earliest, which will push the release date probably into 2026 earliest, but admittedly, we’re just spitballing here.

We’ll keep you updated on new developments as they come in.

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