Chris Morris’ The Day Will Come: the first trailer

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The first trailer for The Day Shall Come, starring Anna Kendrick, has landed.

The eagerly-awaited second film as director from Chris Morris is just over two months way, and counting. Following 2010’s Four Lions, Morris has turned his attention to The Day Shall Come, described as a ‘laugh out loud thriller’. The movie was filmed pretty much in secret, with the cast for this one led by Anna Kendrick.

The first trailer for the film has landed, and as well as that, Morris has released a director’s statement to go with it. Let’s do the trailer first…

And here’s that statement…

‘The story that kicked off this film was like a brick hurled from Miami to London. It was a lie that I didn’t know was a lie and it resulted in a farce about paranoia, deception, delusion and injustice that reflects an unfortunate truth: Finding a real terrorist is harder than creating your own

The film arrives on October 11th in UK cinemas.

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