Christopher Nolan’s next film is confirmed for 2020, John David Washington joins cast

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The next Christopher Nolan movie is due in July 2020, and casting is underway.

It’s been a year and a half since Christopher Nolan’s last film, Dunkirk, arrived in cinemas. And as always with Nolan, there’s been fervent speculation as to just what he would be up to next.

We’re none the wiser as to that still, but we do know just when his next film will arrive. He’s back with Warner Bros again, the studio he’s done every film with for some time now, for a new big release on July 17th 2020. Whatever the new film it, it’ll also be released in IMAX as well.

Furthermore, it’s now been revealed that John David Washington, who earned a Golden Globe nomination for his work in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman, is joining the cast. He’s the first to be confirmed for the movie, and will have a key role in it.

What’s the film? No idea. I’d go through the motions of doing a ’10 films that Christopher Nolan could be making next’ but a) very few people actually have any idea and b) just no.

Will keep you posted as more news lands.

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