Civil War | Alex Garland’s action thriller has a new trailer

Cailee Spaeny stars in Civil War, which has a new trailer
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A24 has released a new trailer for Alex Garland’s epic-looking Civil War, starring Cailee Spaeny and Kirsten Dunst. Have a gander:

We don’t have inside details on things like production budgets, but from an outsider’s standpoint, Civil War looks like author and filmmaker Alex Garland’s biggest film yet. About a near-future USA set on tearing itself apart, it’s a cinematic and quite expensive-seeming thriller from the trendy, boutique production company, A24.

Although precise plot details are limited to a coy logline or two, much is evident from the latest trailer, which you can find below. Cailee Spaeny and Kirsten Dunst play a pair of war photographers making their way across America towards Washington DC, providing a grounded view of a war between allied states – seemingly, the ‘western forces of Texas and California’ and something called the Florida Alliance.

Nick Offerman plays the US president, while Wagna Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson and Jesse Plemons also star.

The latest trailer goes particularly big on the scenes of war and destruction, including an especially bleak shot of an explosion destroying the Lincoln Memorial. As for the logline mentioned above, it simply says that Civil War involves “A race to the White House in a near-future America balanced on a razor’s edge.” (Thanks, IndieWire.)

Are they racing to the White House to depose the (possibly fascist) President, or something else? That’s presumably a secret Garland and his team are keeping under wraps until this spring.

In the meantime, do have a gander at the trailer if you’re undecided; even if it isn’t your usual thing, there’s some superb imagery in here courtesy of cinematographer Rob Hardy, who previously collaborated with Garland on his earlier stuff, including Ex Machina and Annihilation. Fab films both.

Civil War is out in UK and US cinemas on the 12th April. We’re rather looking forward to it.

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