Copshop: Frank Grillo says his performance was “castrated”

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Joe Carnahan’s Copshop movie doesn’t ultimately appear to have been Joe Carnahan’s Copshop movie.

I’m one of the people who was really looking forward to Joe Carnahan’s recent crime thriller Copshop, who in turn ended up a little bit disappointed by it. The movie, starring Frank Grillo and Gerard Butler, ended up with not too much of the latter, and a performance from the former that’s drawn some criticism. And Grillo has now revealed that there’s been some unhappiness behind the scenes of this one.

He’s taken to his Instagram account to address issues with the film, specifically that director Joe Carnahan allegedly didn’t get final cut on the movie. Carnahan was notably absent from the promotional campaign for the film.

Grillo wrote that he wasn’t pleased with how his performance in Copshop was cut together in the end.

He argued that “without detail, I’ll say I gave a much more 3-dimensional take that was very colorful and very well planned out. Needless to say, that’s not what ended up in the film. As a result, I’m getting a bit beat up by critics. That makes me fucking mad. But there’s not a thing I can do except smile and wave”.

He added that “I will say this…The cut my boy, brother, and partner [Joe Carnahan] made had my performance intact. Unfortunately, our cut was passed over for this cut. That’s fine. It happens, ‘Copshop’ is a good movie and I’m very proud of what we did. But the day I take the brunt for someone else’s bullshit will be the day I quit acting. I love what I do and put my soul into every role. So, when I read critics go at me for a character that was castrated by someone other than my director I take great offense”.

On a further post from Carnahan himself thanking people involved with the movie that you can see here – (although it’s as interesting who wasn’t thanked: we didn’t see Butler’s name) – Grillo posted again.

This time he added that “You made a GREAT film when no other films were being made , employed couple hundred people when no other people were working , turned a subpar boring script into a wild ass joe Carnahan flick ,made a star out of an unknown Actress , dealt with a BUNCH of bullshit along the way and managed to create greatness. May not all be your idea son but it’s a testament to your talent how people already love the film”.

Noone else has commented thus far, but it seems pretty clear there’s another version of Copshop sat out there somewhere, and it wasn’t the one available in cinemas now…

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