Cruel Intentions | TV adaptation heading to Prime Video

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The small screen adaptation of Cruel Intentions will stream on Prime Video, and details have landed for the show.

Cruel Intentions is a seminal teen film of the 1990s, planting the story of Dangerous Liasons firmly in late twentieth century youth culture, with star making turns from Selma Blair, Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon

It’s also the film that helped launch the big screen career of Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Now, Cruel Intentions is heading to the small screen in a fresh modern take (we assume). Many versions of a television adaptation have been attempted in the past, including a 2016 pilot which saw Gellar reprise her role, but ultimately none of them were commissioned.

At one stage, a television version did see the light of day, but it was released as Cruel Intentions 2, thanks to some hasty re-editing in post-production (and it didn’t share the lead cast of the film).

Anyway, back to this version of Cruel Intentions, which is bubbling along nicely thank you very much.

The synopsis for the latest take on the material, per Variety, reads as follows:

Two ruthless step-siblings will do anything to stay on top of the cutthroat social hierarchy. After a brutal hazing incident threatens the entire Panhellenic system at their school, they’ll do whatever is necessary to preserve their power and reputation, even if that means seducing the daughter of the vice president of the United States.

The main cast has also been confirmed as Sarah Catherine Hook, Zac Burgess, Savannah Lee Smith, Sara Silva, Khobe Clarke, John Harlan Kim, Brooke Lena Johnson, and Sean Patrick Thomas.

The supporting cast includes Claire Forlani, Nikki Crawford, Isabella Tagliati, Zeke Goodman and Jon Tenney.

Sara Goodman and Phoebe Fisher serve as writers and executive producers.

Cruel Intentions will stream on Prime Video, with thanks to Amazon’s pot of cash. As and when we hear more about the new show, we’ll pass the information your way.

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