Dear Stranger: new short film about a young girl considering suicide

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How you can help support a British short film that’s also helping give young people a break into the industry.


Filmmakers Ranw Aso-Rashid, Saadan Shaikh and Louis Holder are hard at work on their new short film, that goes by the name of Dear Stranger.

The trio are using IndieGogo to raise funds for the film, that’s due for completion this coming June. And it sounds like just the kind of film project worth supporting.

In their words, it’s a coming of age short film, that “follows Annabelle, a young girl at risk of committing suicide amidst the bullying and isolation she falls victim to. As she attempts yet again to commit suicide, she encounters people who remind her of the meaning of life through reassurance”.

You can read more about the film, and back it, right here:

Fundraising continues for a further two weeks. The production is also giving professional work experience to youngsters looking to get involved in filmmaking.

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