Division 19: trailer lands for incoming British sci-fi film

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S A Halewood’s Division 19 is heading to cinemas.

From director S A Halewood comes Division 19, a new low budget British sci-fi thriller that’s heading into cinemas on June 21st.

Starring Jamie Draven, Linus Roache, Clarke Peters and Alison Doody, the film is set in 2039, where prisons have been turned into online portals that allow citizens to monitor inmates around the clock, and vote on what they do, eat, wear and read.

Step forward inmate Hardin Jones, who emerges as the most popular prisoner, and one used to sell an assortment of products through advertising and sponsorship deals he’s unaware of. When he plans to escape, though, his eyes open to a whole new plan from those in charge, one that involves his brother.

Here’s the trailer for the movie..,

Look out for the film later this month.


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