Doctor Who | BBC responds to complaints about a human being in one of its episodes

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After 144 people complained to the BBC about the Doctor Who episode The Star Beast, a formal response has been issued.

As previously covered on this and many other websites, following the transmission of the Doctor Who episode The Star Beast back in November, 144 people took it upon themselves to complain to the BBC about it. As we detailed at the time, the crux of the complaint was that a human being was included in the episode.

Specifically, the human being Yasmin Finney, taking on the role of (new) Rose in the show. Complainants reportedly said to the BBC that her character was “anti-male”, and another talked of the “inappropriate includes of [a] transgender character”.

Given that the BBC remains at heart – despite the best efforts of some – a public service broadcaster, it has an obligation to respond to complaints via its website. It’s now duly done so.

The summary of the arguments read, “we have received complaints from viewers who object to the inclusion of a transgender character in the programme and from others who feel there are too few transgender people represented.”

The BBC response to this?

“As regular viewers of Doctor Who will be aware, the show has and will always continue to proudly celebrate diversity and reflect the world we live in. We are always mindful of the content within our episodes.”

Those who’ve watched episodes since The Star Beast will also get a flavour as to how many shits showrunner Russell T Davies gives about the initial complaints, and rightly so.

As we’ve noted before, the weaponisation of trans people by politicians as they try and garner attention has a real world impact on how human beings are treated. Sadly, as we head into an election year in both the UK and US, things are not likely to improve in that department anytime soon.

Big hugs to you, trans chums. Doctor Who will return in the spring, and will have humans and aliens and all other sorts of things for people to complain about in it.

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