Doctor Who | The Daleks broadcasting in colour for the first time

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On TV tonight (23rd November), the BBC are airing the Doctor’s first encounter with a familiar foe – The Daleks is now in colour!

A real thrill for Whovians tonight – a vital piece of the show’s history will be broadcast with a bit of added spit and polish on BBC Four as part of the show’s ongoing 60th anniversary celebrations.

The episode in question is called The Daleks, first broadcast in 1963, and finds William Hartnell’s Doctor coming up against a brand-spanking-new, iconic villain. We’ll give you three guesses which one.

The new, 75-minute “blockbuster edit” has been fully colourised by a team led by fan Rich Tipple, who told the BBC it was a “huge honour” and a “personal dream come true”.

Credit: BBC

The edit also features a new original score by composer Mark Ayres.

“The original is a masterpiece of 1960s television drama and this new version stands on the shoulders of the pioneering spirit of 1960s Doctor Who,” executive producer Phil Collinson said of the new broadcast.

It was an “enormous responsibility” to work with “television heritage”, Tipple said.

“You have to approach it with the respect it needs, but make it work for a 21st Century audience.”

The Daleks In Colour will air on BBC Four on Thursday at 19:30, and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

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