The Mandalorian And Grogu will be first Star Wars film shot entirely in California

The Mandalorian And Grogu
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Set to begin filming this year, The Mandalorian And Grogu will take in 3,500 extras and will be the first Star Wars film shot exclusively in California.

Announced in January, The Mandalorian And Grogu marks the first time a Star Wars TV show has been adapted into a movie. It’ll be produced and directed by Jon Favreau, who created the hit Mandalorian TV series for Disney Plus, and filming is set to begin in the summer of 2024.

Ahead of that shoot, a report from Deadline provides insight into the scale of the production. First of all, there’s that fun pub trivia fact given away in the headline: The Mandalorian And Grogu will be the first Star Wars film shot entirely in the state of California.

While earlier Star Wars movies have been partly shot in California – Return Of The Jedi saw Redwood National Park double for the forest moon of Endor for example – their productions tended to take place elsewhere, including Elstree and Leavesden studios in the UK.

The Mandalorian And Grogu’s Californian production, meanwhile, will allow it to take advantage of the state’s tax incentives, which are said to be worth $21.75m. According to Deadline, this is the largest tax break of its kind in Californian history, which gives a flavour of how big the production will be.

Here are some other stats from the same report: filming on The Mandalorian And Grogu will last 92 days, take in 500 crew members, 54 cast members, and a surprisingly huge 3,500 extras.

A start date hasn’t been officially announced for the shoot, but it’s been reported by Production Weekly (via StarWarsNewsNet) that filming could begin on 17th June.

At the time of writing, who’s among those 54 members of the main cast hasn’t been disclosed; Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal will surely return in some capacity as Din Djarin, though he’s also busy with the second season of The Last Of Us and the next Fantastic Four movie. Grogu will no doubt be available to reprise his title role, even if he’s probably a bit worried about getting typecast at this point.

The Mandalorian And Grogu isn’t the only upcoming film getting a big tax break from the Californian government, either; Amazon’s The Accountant 2 is getting an estimated credit allocation of $10m according to data published by Deadline. It’s set to go into production in March.

More news on The Mandalorian And Grogu as we get it.

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