New British thriller series Curfew heads to Paramount+

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Paramount+ has given the green light to a new British thriller series called Curfew, which sees all men kept indoors in the evenings. More on it below. 

Not to be confused with 2019’s dystopian action series of the same name, which aired on Sky, a new British series titled Curfew is heading to Paramount+. 

As reported by Deadline, the streaming service has just greenlit the new British series, which explores a society in which all men are bound by a curfew from 7pm to 7am as laid out in the Women’s Safety Act.

However, when a woman is found brutally murdered at night and left at a Women’s Safety Centre, police officer Pamela Green is convinced it’s the work of a man. But with the curfew in place and ankle monitors tracking the movements of every male in the country, how could this be? 

Sarah Parish is set to play Pamela, while Mitchell Robertson will play a rookie cop shadowing her. Mandip Gill will play a character called Sarah who works at the local tagging centre, and rounding out the cast is singer Alexandra Burke as Helen, a local teacher. 

Joasia Goldyn will direct the series while Lydia Yeoman will act as the lead writer. 

Producer Nathalie Peter-Contesse described Curfew as “provocative and thrilling show that aims to contribute to the important conversation around violence against women.”

It is without a doubt a timely premise for a thriller. The murder of Sarah Everard in 2021 is still fresh in our memory, and the BBC is currently working on a documentary about the tragic murder case

The announcement of Curfew comes only a couple of weeks after Paramount+ axed many of its original shows and rumours that Paramount+ might be merging with Peacock

There’s no news on a potential release date for Curfew yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on that.

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