Downton Abbey 3 is happening, will be final movie

Downton Abbey
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Imelda Staunton reveals that plans are afoot for Downton Abbey 3, that might just be shooting before the end of the year.

It looks like the very posh curtains are falling on Downton Abbey, with the news that a third film is set to happen. A third and final film as it happens.

The new film will pick up after the events of 2022’s Downton Abbey: A New Era. That was the movie that explored the infancy of cinema against the backdrop of notable changes for the characters of the Very Posh House. There had been inevitable questions after the release of that as to whether a Downton Abbey 3 would happen, but now Imelda Staunton has let the cat out of the bag.

Chatting to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio Two, Staunton told Ball that “there will be a final film”. The question came into reports and rumour as to a further movie, and Ball seemed quite taken aback by the candidness of the reply she got.

Checking with Staunton that she’s not about to get into trouble for breaking the news, the actor said that “I don’t care.”

Nobody tells Imelda Staunton what to do, and that’s the way the world should be.

The feeling now is that the new film will go into production later this year, which points towards a release in 2025. Julian Fellowes will be writing the script. He’s not confirmed as much, but he’s written every other episode and film, so it’d be pretty seismic if he handed it over to someone else now.

No word on a director, and which members of the cast are likely to return. Regular viewers of the show and films could probably hazard a guess though. It’s worth marking Imelda Staunton on your bingo card.

When we hear more on Downton Abbey 3: Back In Training (which it won’t be called), then we shall put on some posh clothes and bring you the news. Unless Imelda spills it first.

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