Dreams | Media Molecule co-founder shares early footage

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Mark Healey, who co-founded Media Molecule in 2006, has dug up a “early gameplay prototype for Dreams” – back when it solely used PlayStation Move controllers.

The co-founder of Media Molecule, Mark Healey, has shared some early gameplay footage of Dreams, from back when the game was designed around using Sony’s Move controllers.

The footage shows the intro from the game, and the imp – the cursor that players use to interact with objects in the game – somewhat resembles Sackboy from Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet series.

It’s not clear exactly when the gameplay footage dates from. However, it’s likely to be pre-2016, since it features the Sony Computer Entertainment logo. The company name was changed to Sony Interactive Entertainment from 2016 onwards.

Way back in 2013, Media Molecule gave a tech demo for the brand new PS4, in which it showed how things could be sculpted and animated with the Move controllers. “You just hold your controller and click to assemble your dream,” said Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans in his presentation.

A teaser for Dreams later emerged in 2014, but the game wouldn’t be officially announced until E3 2015, and it would be another four years before it was released into early access.

In April this year, just three years after Dreams’ official launch in early 2020, Media Molecule announced it would be ending support for the game. Co-founder Mark Healey left the company at around the same time, some 17 years after he helped to found it.

Last month, Media Molecule announced a round of layoffs at the studio, citing “significant strategic changes during the past year, including shifting our focus from Dreams to our new project”.

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