Elstree Studios announces plans for two new stages on the site of the old Big Brother house

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Elstree announces two new ‘super stages’, as it looks to meet the demand of film and TV productions.

In a promising sign of demand for UK production facilities, one of the UK’s major studios has confirmed plans for further expansion.

The folks at Elstree Studios have announced that two new ‘super stages’ – designed to attract film and television clients – are to be built at the Hertfordshire-based facility.

The stages are to be built on the site where the Big Brother house use to be located. With no further series of Big Brother planned, said house has now come down, and in itself it was built on the area where Elstree’s old water tank used to be based (the one that was used for films such as The Dam Busters).

Roger Morris is the managing director of Elstree Studios, and he declared that “the building of the new stages is to fulfil client demand at Elstree Studios. We already have a number of clients who have confirmed interest in hiring the stages once they are built”.

He added that “Elstree Studios is currently home to Strictly Come Dancing, The Crown and BBC Studioworks. The Studios have enjoyed great success in the last ten years and the freeing up of the Big Brother space has opened up great opportunity. The stages will be suitable for both film and high-end television use. We have plans to build more stages at the Elstree Studios site as space becomes available”.

If all goes to plan, the two new stages will be up and running in 2020, following the submission of planning applications to Hertsmere Borough Council.





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