Stephen King’s It: plans afoot for an extra 90 minutes

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Director Andy Muschietti has plans to add 90 minutes to his pair of It films.

Sizeable box office returns have greeted the arrival of It: Chapter Two, based on the book by Stephen King. But also, numb bottoms. The near-three hour running time of the story’s conclusion has been one of many points of debate about the film, that opened to just north of $90m of business in the US alone.

Still, there may yet be more to come. Director Andy Muschietti has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that talks are underway with Warner Bros for an even longer version of It. The plan is for a cut that brings both films into one, adding in deleted material, and filming fresh scenes for it as well.

The current running time of the two films back to back comes to around five hours. The new cut of the story would run – ready for this? – for something closer to six and a half hours. That’s a lot of extra It.

“People can choose how to see it, all in one or, you know, making little pauses”, Muschietti mused. “Or bingeing! Maybe it’s divided in episodes. People now, they binge a series for 10 hours of viewing, so it wouldn’t surprise me”.

More as we hear it.


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