Evil Does Not Exist | Trailer released Drive My Car director’s next film

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Catch a first look at the new trailer for Evil Does Not Exist – director Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s follow-up film to 2021’s critically-acclaimed Drive My Car.

Released in 2021, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car was critically acclaimed, winning awards at just about every festival it was screened. The film was even nominated for Best Picture at that year’s Oscars while also taking the gong for best international picture back to Japan. Interest in Hamaguchi’s next project has remained high then, with his follow-up film, Evil Does Not Exist finally being unveiled to the world next month.

According to a synopsis, the film is said to be an ‘ecological fable’ that centres on a ‘rural alpine hamlet of Mizubiki, not far from Tokyo. Takumi and his daughter, Hana, lead a modest life gathering water, wood, and wild wasabi for the local udon restaurant. Increasingly, the townsfolk become aware of a talent agency’s plan to build an opulent glamping site nearby, offering city residents a comfortable ‘escape’ to the snowy wilderness. When two company representatives arrive and ask for local guidance, Takumi becomes conflicted in his involvement, as it becomes clear that the project will have a pernicious impact on the community.’

It certainly sounds intriguing, and when the film premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival it received very impressive reviews. While the trailer may now have arrived, we’re not sure the film’s initial run will be that wide. Modern Films are handling distribution in the UK and at as it stands, it looks like the film will be playing in 26 cinemas around the country. If you’re keen to see it on the big screen, you can head over to Modern Films’ website and find your closest cinema here.

In the meantime, Drive My Car is available to stream on Channel 4’s streaming service (other platforms are available) but it disappears tomorrow (28th March 2024) – so if you still haven’t seen it, now’s the time. You can thank us later. As for Evil Does Not Exist, here’s that trailer below.

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