Exclusive: Will Poulter on why he chose to make The Score

The Score
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Will Poulter reveals to us what drew him to the incoming British independent movie The Score, and the importance of indie movies.

The Score is a brand new British independent heist movie. One that happens to also be a sort-of musical, thanks to the inclusion of music from Johnny Flynn. And it’s a film with a hell of a cast too, not least the always-excellent Will Poulter.

We asked Poulter why he picked this one, and how actively he searches for independent movies of its ilk. “The script was special”, he told us. ”I think that’s what achieves cut through, regardless of the size of the project and other elements. I think it all lives and dies with the quality of the material. And this was unlike anything else I’d ever read. It was a unique, refreshing, it really had a kind of pop”.

Poulter was the last major part of the film’s casting jigsaw, but that worked in his favouor. “The elements that were already in play at that stage were incredibly exciting to me. Johnny Flynn’s music, and his work as an actor. Naomi Ackie is someone I’ve admired for a while. For me it didn’t feel so much of a long shot [to make]”.

We asked Poulter how many scripts he has to search through to find an independent project like this that he wants to make. Is it, say, one in a 100? “It probably is, actually. I couldn’t quantify it for you exactly. But it’s super, super special. They’re rare and so exciting when you come by them”.

One more question for him. What would he say to those feeling a little lost, and struggling to get their stories and voice out there? Who have perhaps lost confidence in themselves a little?

“I think that in the toughest of times, the thing to remember is that people look to film, they look to TV, they look to media, in nothing else then for escapism and a sense of comfort”, he says.

“There is always an appetite for stories, and for stories that seek to impact the world in a positive way. So long as you’re making something from a place of integrity and with a genuine interest in trying to impact the world positively, I think more power to you. There’s always an appetite for that, even in the darkest times. I really hope that independent film – which gives amplifies voices that aren’t necessarily always sat in the front row – continues to be supported by people who occupy spaces in more commercial territory. I owe my career to independent film, and I’ll always feel a strong affinity to it. There’s a sense of unique magic working on smaller, independent productions. I’ll always want to be a part of them as long as independent film will have me”.

You can read more about the making of The Score in issue 35 of Film Stories magazine, here. The film is in cinemas from September 9th, and you can find out where to watch it here.

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