Film Stories issue 17 (July 2020): full details and order your copy here

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The new issue of Film Stories is up for order now – and here’s what’s in the latest issue of the magazine.

Hello! We’d like to introduce you to the latest issue of Film Stories magazine, that once again

delighted to bring you the latest issue of Film Stories magazine, that’s now been sent off to the printers. Thank you so much for bearing with us. For fairly obvious reasons, we can’t sell this one in shops, and as such, it’s mail order and subscription online. We’re running a special subs offer for new UK direct debit subscribers, and you can get your first three issues for £9.99 if you follow this link and use the code INTRO.

But before we start the hard sell, perhaps we should show you the cover, and what’s inside the magazine…

And inside?

EXCLUSIVE: Caitlin Moran on how the film of How To Build A Girl was, well, built.

EXCLUSIVE: Simon Pegg takes us through his two new independent movies, and his plan to direct

EXCLUSIVE: Scott Adkins on making action movies, and his plan post-lockdown

NOT-EXCLUSIVE: A few bits and bobs that in truth other magazines might have covered too.


* Get Out, and the horror of Hollywood racism

* Director’s cuts that aren’t necessarily anything to do with the director

* Polygram Filmed Entertainment: how it went from Four Weddings and Trainspotting to pretty much nothing

* The story behind the Indian Film Festival in the UK

* Are films really getting longer?

* Saucy cinema! We’ve written something a bit rude. Well, not that rude. But saucy.

* What happens when Hollywood wants to adapt a story you’ve written for the screen?

* The budget realities of an independent movie. Just how much do things cost?

* Maggie Cheung: she was one of the most acclaimed actors in the world – and then quit the movies. But why?

* More stories from our brilliant senior correspondents

And lots lots lots lots more.

You can order the issue via the links that should magically appear underneath these words. Or click directly through to our store at

Thank you so, so much for your support.


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