Film Stories issue 37 (October 2022): full details and order your copy here

Film Stories issue 37
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A huge in-depth interview with director Paul Feig leads the new issue of Film Stories magazine – and here are more details.

Introducing the new issue of Film Stories magazine, that’s shipping out now!. The magazine is primarily mail order, although it goes into a few WHSmiths stores around the UK.

Here’s the cover of the new issue, and then we’ll tell you what’s in it…

Film Stories issue 37


And inside:

PAUL FEIG: A huge exclusive interview. He chats about his new film – The School For Good And Evil – and his love of sci-fi, the responses to his films, cocktails, and what he’s up to next. Plus a whole lot more…

OLD MOVIES – ARE WE BEING PRICED OUT?: As physical media declines, it’s getting harder and harder to (affordably) get hold of older movies. We’ve been taking a look.

ANOTHER PHYSICAL MEDIA FORMAT?: It’s been assumed that 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray will be the last ever disc movie format. But there may yet be one more on the horizon.

NORWICH: There’s a headline. But Norwich has turned into a hotbed of filmmaking of late – and there’s more to come there as well.

THE DIRECTORS COMPANY: The story of when Paramount let Friedkin, Coppola and Bogdanovich make pretty much nearly what they wanted.

WHAT MAKES A CULT?: The joy of cult movies – and what makes them cult in the first place.

SELF-DISTRIBUTING YOUR OWN MOVIE: It can be done. It is not easy.

THE FILM THAT TOOK 2596 DAYS TO MAKE: Some indie movies come together in double quick time. We’ve been digging into the story of one that, well, didn’t…

CAPTAIN BUDGET: The man who set out to be the lowest-cost producer in Hollywood.

UNRAVELLING THE MYSTERY: The Stranger In Our Bed is a brand new thriller – and Bart Edwards has been telling us all about it…

FILLING THE GAPS: Is there a different way forward for Hollywood franchises than ‘legacy sequels’? We’ve had an idea…

PRECOGS?: There are lots of sci-fi films that are believed to have predicted the future. Dig a bit deeper though, and there’s a slightly different truth out there…

DANIEL STAMM: The story of the film he was set to make. Then wasn’t. Then was.

INTERVIEWS: Filmmakers, new voices, upcoming talents tell us their tales.


Writing clinic with the mighty James Moran

My film story

Reviews: bit of a mix this month. Spoiler: nothing’s getting five stars

Things for the watchlist


Movie clinic!

The letters page!

More interviews!

And lots more!

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