Film Stories issue 7 (July 2019): full details, and order your copy right here!

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The new issue of Film Stories is shipping now – and here’s what’s inside it, and how to get your copy.

Film Stories – Britain’s newest film magazine – now arrives at issue seven, and it’s one we’re very proud of. We hope you like it too. Here’s the cover first, and then we’ll tell you a bit more about it.

This cover is what we’re about. A brilliant mainstream talent, who hasn’t had a cover before, stepping absolutely into the spotlight. It’s backed up with a big interview with Gurinder Chadha, where she has plenty to say. And we think you’ll like it.

We keep hearing from lots of people that they want a mainstream film magazine that celebrates British talent on its cover. If that’s you, and we can tempt you to buy a copy, the magazine is available for order now at £5.99 inc UK P&P. If you believe in what we do, do consider supporting us. In exchange, we’re trying to give you a film magazine that’s a little bit different each month.

Here’s the magical ‘buy’ button!

Thus, what you get in this issue…

* Gurinder Chadha on Blinded By The Light, Bend It Like Beckham, Bruce Springsteen and the M1 motorway

* Funny Bones: director Peter Chelsom joins us in revisiting a 90s British comedy favourite

* Huge UK movie preview. A round-up of lots of British films, heading your way soon!

* The clever visual effects tools that are helping independent movie makers

* Are tax credits holding up the British film industry artifically?

* Homophobia in sport: how cinema is doing a better job of addressing it than, well, sport is

* When big Hollywood movies went to Russia

And much, much, much more…

Film Stories will also be available from the brilliant BFI Shop at London’s Southbank, and 50 WHSmith airport and train station stories around the UK. It costs money to get listed into more newsagents, so we’re taking it step by step there.

Please help us spread the word. Thank you!

If you want to buy more than a single issue, then our full online shop is here:

You can subscribe to Film Stories magazine here:

Or take out a digital subscription here:


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