Film Stories issue 8 (August 2019): full details, and order your copy right here!

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Get ready for a new issue of Film Stories, with our latest set to ship imminently – and you can buy it right here.

Greetings chums, and thank you for all of your support for our humble independent film magazine to date. It’s time for another issue too, and this is the bit where we tell you everything we’ve crammed into issue 8.

You can buy your copy in selected train station and airport branches of WHSmith, or at the BFI Shop in London. Primarily, we sell copies via subscription or mail order. If you’d like to order this issue, with free UK P&P, then the magic button should appear right here…

In terms of what’s inside? Well, let’s do the cover first…

And inside?

* The mighty Jason Isaacs on Hotel Mumbai, making Event Horizon, working with Michael Bay, fandom, and his experience with Jeff Goldblum when making his very first movie.

* Is Hollywood now losing control of the movies?

* A big guide to lots of UK film festivals

* What’s the current state of British horror cinema

* The quietly influential movies of Mos Def

* The behaviour of Brits at the cinema

* Disability in horror

* A big dissection of The Predator, and where it stumbled

* What does a film actually look like? And how does it get to your local pictureplex?

All this, and much much more!

Please help us spread the word. Thank you!

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