A full-size Commodore Amiga retro console is on the way

Commodore Amiga A500
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The makers of the A500 Mini and C64 Mini have revealed their Phase 2 line-up, including a full-size Commodore Amiga.

Retro Games Ltd, the company behind the C64 Mini and A500 Mini, has just revealed its ‘Phase 2’ plan for future console releases.

Perhaps the most exciting reveal is that there’s a ‘new full size Amiga console’ coming in Q4 2024. Retro Games released the A500 Mini in 2022, a tiny version of the 1987 Amiga 500 computer which came loaded with 25 games, including The Chaos Engine and Worms. But that console didn’t have a functioning keyboard – presumably this new full size Amiga console will.

Retro Games has previously done something similar with the Commodore 64. The company released the C64 Mini in 2018, then followed it up with a more-expensive full-size C64 the following year, this time with a functioning keyboard.

Other highlights on the Retro Games Phase 2 timeline include a ‘major product update’ in Q4 2023, a ‘new mini console’ in Q1 2024 and a ‘new accessory’ in Q3 2024. Plus in 2025 there are plans for two more full size consoles.

Seeing as Retro Games specialises in 1980s computers, I will take a guess that one of those consoles might be based on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, the most popular British computer of the 1980s, alongside the C64. As for the others? Well, perhaps the Dragon 32 deserves some time in the sun – it would be lovely to see that Welsh wonder resurface.

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