Film Stories Junior issue 1 (summer 2019): order your copy here!

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Film Stories Junior issue one is out now – and here’s how you can get your copy.

I’m proud as punch to announce that Film Stories Junior magazine will be launching on July 26th. This is, to my knowledge, the world’s first regular print movie magazine for under 15s, that’s also been primarily written by under 15s too.

Here’s the cover of issue one!

Here’s what’s inside the first issue of the magazine – and first of all, how to buy a copy!

You can buy the latest individual copy of Film Stories Junior (issue one is published on Friday 26th July 2019) using the following magical button. The price is £3.99 including UK P&P. We do also ship worldwide.

If you’re like to buy a bulk number of copies for a school, film club or library, then if you visit our web shop – right here – then we automatically discount orders of 10 copies of more by 20%.

If you’d like to subscribe for either you, or someone you know, then the following button is the one you need…

Here’s what you can expect in issue one: 15 youngsters have written the bulk of the magazine for us, and here’s a flavour of what they’ve been up to…

  • Horrible Histories – Rotten Romans: interviewing the star, and what happened when we sent a young reporter to the world premiere!
  • Ruby Barnhill: the co-star of The BFG tells us about her new animated film
  • A young writer tells us about why she wants more people to watch Laurel & Hardy films.
  • How I made an award-winning film (with help from my cat)
  • Football in the movies
  • How to train your love for How To Train Your Dragon
  • How films have changed over time
  • Why I love LAIKA
  • The appeal of space in the movies
  • Movies based on videogames
  • 7 awesome things about Spider-Man: Into The SpiderVerse
  • Fantastic Beasts vs Harry Potter
  • Living every day (the lessons of Every Day)
  • And more!

(The films covered in the magazine range from U certificate to 12A, and we clearly mark what level of film each feature will cover).

Plus! A regular section too on making your own films. In issue one, we look at making a movie using your phone, explain how lighting on a movie set works (and how you can recreate the effect properly at home) and each issue too we look at a different role on a film (with advice on how to build to a job like that yourself).

Issue one is 52 pages, A5, and we really hope you like it. Issue two is scheduled for October 2019, and if you’re interested in getting involved, there are more details on writing for the magazine here.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped make this magazine happen.

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