Film Stories magazine: how to order your copy, and frequently asked questions

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We’re thrilled to be introducing a new UK film magazine into the world: Film Stories! And it’s on sale right now!

Welcome to Britain’s new monthly mainstream film magazine, that zeroes in on the smaller rooms in the multiplex, and the bigger rooms in the indies. There are lots of films that never seem to get close to front covers, big features and such like, and we aim to change that!

It’s from the creator of Den Of Geek, and each issue will feature…

  • At least 100 pages, crammed with news, reviews, features, interviews and mayhem
  • Writers you’ve not met before, with opportunity for new talent at the heart of the magazine
  • A mix of films you’ve heard of, and films you haven’t! All of which we want to hoist on our shoulders
  • Regular columns on filmmaking, screenwriting and mental health
  • And sooooo much more.


Glad you asked! Right now, YOU CAN NOT BUY IT IN SHOPS. The costs of getting listed in newsagents is too high, sadly, but we are working on it. It’s mail order only.

Subscribe to the magazine here, and get a 20% discount for paying via direct debit too. Subscriptions help us enormously, especially as we’re a tiny publisher. But a tiny publisher with big plans!

Call +44 1442 820580 for overseas rates.

Issue one

December 2018. Buy individually here (£5.99, inc UK postage)

Issue two

We go monthly from the start of 2019. Issue two is due to land in the middle of January. More details  soon…!


Frequently asked questions

Can I write for Film Stories?

We’re always open for pitches, but we’re a small team, so it takes us a time to get through them! Everything you need to know about pitching is in this podcast episode here.

How often will the magazine be out?

Monthly! Issue one is on sale for six weeks, due to the Christmas break. From January, we’re coming out every month, around the middle of each month.

How can I buy it?

Mail order only at the moment, either single issues or by subscriptions. We’re working on getting a few shops to stock the magazine, though.

Can I sell Film Stories for you?

That’d be wonderful if you could! Drop us a note if you reckon you could sell copies for us, or want to stock the magazine. Best email is [email protected]

What’s the best Kevin Costner film?

Field Of Dreams. Thanks for asking!

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