Film Stories: digital magazine subscription changes

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A quick update for those who subscribe to Film Stories – or want to – in digital form.

Since we first launched Film Stories print magazine back in November 2018, we’ve been keen to offer both a print version of the publication, and a digital version of it too. That remains the plan still, too: there’s no radical reworking of the formula here, and we’ve not yet come up with some scary way to digitally implant the magazine directing into people’s brains, although rest assured our team of top scientists are working on it.

However, we are changing the way we do the digital subscriptions to the magazine. As of issue 13 – the February 2020 issue – we’re moving away from our friends at Exact Editions, who have been hosting our digital magazines since issue one. We’re still chums, we’ve not fallen out, and any existing subscriptions with Exact Editions will be honoured.

But for renewals and new digital subscriptions, we’ve moved the service in-house. As a consequence too, we’ve been able to slightly lower the price of the digital subscriptions.

Each issue, digital subscribers will get the full magazine sent to them in PDF format. We’ll shortly be offering digital subscriptions for Film Stories Junior too.

Thus, if you want to subscribe to the magazine in digital or print form, the buttons should magically appear beneath these words. And if they don’t (as they may not on our mobile site), then head to our online store, here.

Thanks so much for supporting our work.



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