Flowervale Street | Filming begins on It Follows director David Robert Mitchell’s mystery thriller

Anne Hathaway Flowervale Street
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Paparazzi photos of Anne Hathaway reveal that filming has officially begun on It Follows director David Robert Mitchell’s next film, currently known as Flowervale Street. More here:

Breaking news: Anne Hathaway has been photographed wearing high-waist blue jeans and what we’re informed is a “billowing white blouse”.

We wouldn’t ordinarily report on paparazzi photos, but these particular ones reveal one worthwhile detail: filming has begun on David Robert Mitchell’s latest film – his first since 2018’s Under Silver Lake – currently dubbed Flowervale Street. Hathaway stars alongside Ewan McGregor in the mystery project, which is said to be a 1980s-set “thrill-ride” shot using IMAX-approved cameras.

The two stars will play parents – something McGregor has confirmed in a February interview – reportedly on the search for their missing kids. It was announced earlier in March that Maisy Stella had joined the cast, while Variety revealed more recently that Sweet Tooth star Christian Convery has also signed on. Given their ages (20 and 14 respectively) it seems like a fair bet that they’ll be playing the missing kids in question.

Almost nothing official has been divulged about Mitchell’s movie, with McGregor even casting doubt on the longstanding rumour that it would feature dinosaurs in some form. “I think you’ve got to take everything with a pinch of salt that you read online at the moment,” the actor said recently.

There’s also a question mark surrounding that title – it’s one we’ve seen bandied about all over the place, and may be a working title, but it hasn’t been confirmed as yet. The level of secrecy, and the fact that Mitchell’s film is being produced by Bad Robot, has led us to wildly speculate that we might be in for another Cloverfield spin-off akin to 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Time will tell on that score – with filming now underway in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s possible we’ll uncover some more concrete information soon. There’s a distinct 1980s flavour to those pap photos shared by the likes of the Daily Mail and Just Jared, though, which suggests that the rumour about its period setting was correct.

More on this as we get it.

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