Freaky Friday 2 could ‘shoot soon’ according to Lindsey Lohan

Freaky Friday
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In the latest in a long line of updates, cameras might soon be rolling on a sequel to the beloved 20023 body-swap comedy Freaky Friday, Lindsey Lohan suggests.

We’ve been hearing noises about a sequel to 2003’s Freaky Friday for a long time now, although last year gave us no firm news on the possibility of the film happening. We did get the original film’s two stars, Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan, both popping up at various points to confirm that talks were ongoing – but nothing concrete materialised.

The last real update we got was in the summer of last year when it was suggested that both stars were in negotiations to return to the roles of Tess and Anna Coleman, although no news of a green light from Disney followed. According to World of Reel, the project ‘could begin shooting very soon’ with Lindsey Lohan confirming that the film is not only a go, but could also enter production imminently.

Lohan was appearing on the Radio Andy podcast where she confirmed the film is happening. She declined to put a timeline on the film’s production, but the general consensus seems to be that the that the film should enter production this year.

There’s clear reason for Disney to put another film into production: the 2003 movie took $160.8 million from a $26 million budget, impressive numbers indeed, not to mention that the film would have continued to be a solid earner ever since with disc sales and streaming deals. While the 2003 version wasn’t Disney’s first crack at the 1972 novel, it is the most beloved, so let’s wait and see if the proposed sequel brings in some much-needed box office dollars for the studio.

Disney could really do with a few sure things over the next couple of years, as it reportedly seeks to shift its strategy towards original films and away from the usual live action remakes. Searchlight boss David Greenbaum has stepped into Sean Bailey’s role following the disappointing performances of films such as Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise. While Greenbaum is thought to be pushing Disney’s live action films towards more original stories, there’ll surely be a place for a belated sequel to one of the most popular body-swap films of all time. We’ll bring you more on this one as we hear it.

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