Freaky Friday 2 | Nisha Ganatra will direct Disney sequel

Freaky Friday
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Freaky Friday 2 is moving ahead at Disney with Nisha Ganatra directing, here are the details we’ve got of the follow-up.

While Jamie Lee Curtis is of course a horror icon from the Halloween franchise, and she won an Oscar in 2022 for her performance in Everything, Everywhere All At Once, Freaky Friday, the beloved body swap film in which she starred opposite Lindsay Lohan, is a terrific comedic performance.

Based on the book by Mary Rodgers, the 2003 film, a remake of the 1976 film of the same name which starred Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, follows Tess Coleman (Curtis), a single mother and uptight psychiatrist, and her rebellious teenage daughter, Anna (Lohan). Constantly at odds with each other due to their differing perspectives on life, they find themselves magically swapping bodies after a mysterious fortune cookie incident at a Chinese restaurant. As Tess wakes up in Anna’s body and vice versa, they are forced to live each other’s lives for a day.

A sequel has been in the works for several years, with the main obstacle being a script that everybody was happy with. Now, the film is finally moving forward at Disney.

Lohan and Curtis are both in talks to reprise their roles, and Nisha Ganatra, who previously made Late Night, will direct from a script by Jordan Weiss. The plot is being kept under wraps for now. Andrew Gunn, who also produced the original film, will return to to produce alongside Kristin Burr.

It is not yet clear if the film will be released in cinemas or direct to streaming, we’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Lohan’s latest film is Irish Wish, a romantic comedy made as part of her three film deal with Netflix, you can watch the film on the streaming service now. Curtis will next be seen in Eli Roth’s Borderlands.


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