George Of The Jungle: why the male monkeys had to wear bikinis

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Brendan Fraser reveals a moment that, oddly, didn’t make the final cut of George Of The Jungle.

Ah, the splendid George Of The Jungle, a film we’ve covered previously in a Film Stories podcast. You can listen to that here.

We’ve also covered the excellent Sky One panel television show, There’s Something About Movies, whose second series is now playing on the channel. And in the most recent episode, who should pop up, but Brendan Fraser! He was one of the guests on the show, and he dropped a piece of trivia about George Of The Jungle while he was there. A fine Film Stories Venn diagram there.

As Fraser explained though, one of the side effects of George Of The Jungle being a Disney movie was that the male monkeys being used in the shoot had to have a bit of extra protection. As such, Fraser revealed that the male monkeys had their members hidden by special furry bikinis they had to wear. Couldn’t have a family audience seeing the doo-dah of a monkey, after all.

Furthermore, in one moment that for some reason never made the final cut, at one stage during production, one of said male monkeys went and stuck his tongue into Fraser’s ear. Then, once that job was completed, a clearly very happy with himself monkey whipped off said bikini, and started playing with what the furry bikini was, er, ‘designed to hide’.

It was decided not to film that particular sequence, lest parents were presented with at least an ingredient or two towards the answer to the question ‘where do monkeys come from’.

Can’t recommend There’s Something About Movies enough. Series two continues weekly on Sky.

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