Gerard Butler set for Empire State

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Gerard Butler is re-teaming with the director of Den Of Thieves, this time to save one of the world’s most iconic buildings in Empire State.

You might have thought that there was nothing left for Geostorm star Gerard Butler to save. The world. The US President. A plane full of people. His family, when the pesky wider world wouldn’t play ball and refused to be saved.

Let’s face it, the list of things that Gerard Butler has saved is longer than the list of things he hasn’t saved. And with the production of Empire State now confirmed, the list of things Gerard Butler hasn’t saved will grow even shorter.

According to Deadline, the film will be a comedic action-thriller that will see ‘the Empire State Building coming under attack by a military contractor hellbent on revenge.’

Apparently unsatisfied with an American legal system that can even haul former presidents into court most days of the week, this contractor instead decides to destroy an American icon: the Empire State Building. ‘Butler plays Navy SEAL turned NY firefighter Rhett who must put aside his current relationship troubles with NYPD Tactical officer Dani (to be cast) to try and rescue hostages and save the building.’

The project will see Butler re-team with Christian Gudegast, the director of Den Of Thieves. The pair have already worked on the sequel to that film which is currently in post-production. Gudegast also wrote Olympus Has Fallen, which starred Butler as a guy saving the US President for the second time.

Empire State is at the Cannes marketplace where it will no doubt be snapped up given that Butler has a great track record of recouping financial investments for these types of films.

Does that mean we should add ‘saving money’ onto his list of achievements? You decide. The mighty Gerard is currently filming Greenland: Migration, the sequel to Ric Roman Waugh’s excellent apocalyptic action movie. There’s no word yet as to when Empire State might get underway but if things move quickly, it could mark a good couple of years for fans of Butler with lots of fun projects in the pipeline. We’ll bring you more on this one as we hear it.

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