Ghostbusters: the short film that was made for independent cinema owners

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A short video from before the release of the original Ghostbusters, when cinema owners needed convincing to book the movie for their screens.

Well, this is lovely. Popping up on Twitter yesterday was this delight, a short film that was shot featuring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray.

It was made in the build up to the release of the first Ghostbusters film, obviously long before it became the box office sensation it would ultimately become. It’s often forgotten just what a flat-out surprise smash hit the film was. That Columbia – as Murray and Aykroyd say! – was putting a fair amount of money into it, but few were predicted it’d become as big as it did.

As such, the purpose of this short film was to, bluntly, persuade cinema owners to programme it in the first place. Via the age old method of asking them nicely, it seems. What you also get a snippet of right at the end is what seems to be a placeholder Ghostbusters title song as well. Good job they changed that.


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