Greenland: Migration | Gerard Butler returning, sequel filming this spring

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Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin are returning for Greenland 2, that’s going by the name of Greenland: Migration. More here.

One of the best of Gerard Butler’s most recent outings – and the man has a solid eye for a script – is Greenland, a movie whose release bounced around a little before landing at the end of 2020. That was the year of course when cinemas were shut for the most part, and so very few people got to see Greenland on the big screen.

Still, its video on demand release comfortably got the film into profit, and talk began shortly after of picking up where the first film left off, with a Greenland 2.

Well, Greenland 2 is now Greenland: Migration, and filming is due to start this April.

It’ll reunite Gerard Butler with director Ric Roman Waugh, with whom he’s made Kandahar, Angel Has Fallen and the original Greenland movie. Also returning from the first film is Morena Baccarin.

Chris Sparling (who penned the original film) and Mitchell Lafortune (who didn’t) have written he screenplay for Greenland: Migration, and the plot is a tiny bit spoiler-y if you’ve not seen the first film. I’m thus going to put a picture of a rabbit here, and once you scroll past said bunny, be warned that you’re spoiling the original Greenland a little.

Norman the bunny rabbit
A rabbit. Protecting you from spoilers.

Still here? Right then. According to the press blurb we’ve been sent, in the new film ‘the Garrity family must leave the safety of the Greenland bunker after the comet “Clarke” decimated the earth and the family embarks on a harrowing journey across the wasteland of Europe to find a new home.’

Gerard Butler meanwhile has recently wrapped filming on Den Of Thieves 2, and is filming the live-action remake of How To Train Your Dragon as well.

More on Greenland: Migration as we hear it. Guessing we’re looking at a release in 2025 as thing stand.

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