Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire | Hell’s frozen over in new trailer

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Ghosts, goo, and Bill Murray with a proton pack? It’s almost time for a new Ghostbusters movie. Check out the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire trailer below:

It’ll be a cold day in hell when a new Ghostbusters movie arrives in UK cinemas.

For the biblical meteorologists amongst us, if you’re planning a trip to the afterlife on 22nd March, best wrap up warm. A new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire just dropped, and it’s chilled us to our very core.

Check out the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire trailer below:

Paul Rudd, McKenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard reunite with the original Ghostbusting crew to help put a stop to “a second ice age”. Evidently, they weren’t big fans of the 2002 animated film.

Looks like Bill Murray in particular will have a much bigger role in this one than in 2021’s Afterlife, and Annie Potts’ Janine Melnitz has finally, after a 40-year wait, got her own boiler suit. So that’s nice.

Alongside the old crew and the stars of Afterlife, we’ve also got a quick look at Kumail Nanjiani selling Dan Aykroyd an orb, Patton Oswald doing science experiments on an orb, and another character touching an orb. That character’s hand gets all frozen. and then we see a big ghoul plugging massive horns into its head. We can only assume the orb isn’t friendly.

Plenty of jokes, jibes and ice to go around, too, it seems. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is due out in UK cinemas on 22nd March. Will it make us feel good?

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