Highlander remake to retain Queen’s music

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Don’t ‘lose your head’ over the news, but the legendary soundtrack from the original Highlander will be making a return in the remake…

Chad Stahelski is directing a remake of the cult favourite, Highlander, and the project moved a step closer to fruition at the end of last month when news emerged that Lionsgate would be backing the project. Like the original, it will see immortal warriors duelling throughout time in a centuries-long battle to be ‘The One’.

Stahelski – director of the John Wick films – is set to helm the current iteration of the reboot, with The Witcher's Henry Cavill set to star. However, Stahelski’s schedule is pretty busy with a live-action adaptation of the PlayStation game, Ghost Of Tsushima bubbling up, which he also plans to direct himself.

One of the most memorable aspects of the 1986 original was the Queen soundtrack, which borrowed a string of classic tunes from the band’s 12th album, A Kind Of Magic. When asked by The Wrap if Queen’s music would be returning in the reboot, Stahelski responded in the affirmative, saying: “Yes. Probably in a different way than you think, but hardcore yes.”

Hardcore yes. We like the sound of that.

Gimme the Prize (Kurgan’s Theme), Don’t Lose Your Head and memorably, Princes Of The Universe were just some of the tracks from the album that featured in the film, along with the haunting Who Wants To Live Forever which made for a perfect sonic accompaniment to the lives of the immortal warriors who are cursed to watch loved ones grow old and die while they remain ageless.

The film is set to enter production next year, with that Queen soundtrack intact in some form or another. It’ll be fun to see what Stahelski means by “Probably in a different way than you think,” but even if it’s more of a respectful nod, we’re sue it will still be something to look forward to.

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