Hijack | AppleTV+ renews Idris Elba thriller for a second season

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Strap in, dear readers, because Hijack, AppleTV+’s high concept thriller has just been renewed for season 2. More here. 

AppleTV+’s winning streak continues with the news that Hijack, their 2023 hit TV show starring Idris Elba, has been renewed for season 2. 

The 7-part season 1 originally premiered on AppleTV+ in late June 2023. The series starred Elba as Sam, a business negotiator, who finds himself on a hijacked flight and must negotiate the plane’s safe landing. It was met with positive reviews and a strong word of mouth, making it one of the streaming service’s top shows in 2023. 

No one seems more surprised by the news than Idris Elba himself. 

“I was floored by the overwhelming audience response after season one,” said Elba, who executive produces as well as stars. “It’s top secret what new situation unfolds for Sam Nelson but I can assure you we will bring the high octane back!”

What made Hijack special was that the events of the show happened in real time. Each episode represented a real hour on board the plane as Sam tried to negotiate with Neil Maskell’s lead hijacker. It created a sense of urgency, and with a weekly release schedule, ensured viewers would come back each week to see how Sam could outsmart the villains. 

Field Smith will be the lead director as well as an executive producer for season 2. Apple TV+’s creative director for Europe, Jay Hunt, promises that season 2 will be “equally compelling”. 

AppleTV+ is slowly but surely growing into one of the most essential streaming services to have. Back in 2020, it was the first streaming service to bag a Best Picture Oscar for CODA (although that film has all but disappeared from public consciousness) and it’s eyeing that same prize again this year with Martin Scorsese’s lauded Killers Of The Flower Moon. 

It’s also invested in quality TV alongside film. Ted Lasso, The Changeling, Masters Of The Air and Slow Horses are just a few of the streamer’s top hits. 

AppleTV+ hasn’t given Hijack season 2 a release date yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as we hear more. 

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