Honey I Shrunk The Kids is getting a reboot, Josh Gad to star

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Disney is bringing a new take on Honey I Shrunk The Kids to the movies.

The latest to get the Hollywood reboot treatment? That’d be the rather splendid Honey I Shrunk The Kids, the 1989 movie about an inventor who, well, shrinks his kids down to micro-size. The film starred Rick Moranis, and was followed by a pair of tepid sequels. But the original remains, right, a loved production.

The reboot/belated sequel is going to pick things up some 30 years later, and this time, Josh Gad will be taking the leading role. He’ll be playing the son of Moranis’ character from the first movie, and this time, Gad has kids, and Gad will be shrinking them.

The news of the new movie came from Slashfilm, and it’s identified that this isn’t, as originally suspected, a film for Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service. Rather, that it’s looking to bring this one for cinemas.

No word yet on who’s going to direct the film – Joe Johnston helmed the first one – but as we hear more we’ll let you know.

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