How to watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 online

star wars the bad batch season 3
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It’s the animated series that everyone’s talking about. But how can you watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3 at home? Here’s our exhaustive guide.

A spin-off from fan-favourite animated series The Clone Wars, creator Dave Filoni’s spin-off Star Wars: The Bad Batch is, if anything, shaping up to be as thrilling and culturally relevant as its predecessor. But with season 3 now finished and ready to watch, the logical question is: how on earth can you watch it?

With that important question in mind, here’s a detailed guide that shows you, step by step, how to watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3.

Where can I watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3?

Disney-Lucasfilm’s space opera series isn’t showing in cinemas. Instead, you’ll need to subscribe to Disney+, which is an American streaming platform.

Launched in 2019, Disney+ provides ready access to the corporation’s huge library of unmissable content, including The Naughty Nine, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and Prom Pact.

To access Disney+, you’ll have to sign up for the platform via its website, with prices ranging from £4.99 per month for the standard version with ads to £10.99 per month for the premium service which offers support for 4K televisions.

What is streaming?

Streaming refers to the digital transmission of media, usually via the internet, which sidesteps the need for downloading large data files or the production of physical media. Streaming and video on demand (VOD) has its roots in the 1980s, but exploded in popularity in the 2000s as internet technology matured enough to support the rise of YouTube, Netflix and platforms like them. Today, most major streaming services are readily available to watch via a smart television.

What is a television?

Televisions are devices which transmit sound and images, and they’re available in different sizes and with varying features depending on your budget. Prices range from £99.00 to several thousand pounds for a top-of-the-range 4K OLED television.

How do I buy a television?

Televisions are readily available from multiple outlets, whether it’s online – via the conglomerate Amazon for example – or in a traditional shop, which include Currys and John Lewis in the UK.

What is a shop?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a shop is a place where you can buy goods and services. The history of the shop is almost as old as civilisation itself, with people exchanging gold and silver for food and clothing as long ago as 5,700 BCE and perhaps earlier.

What is a civilisation?

A civilisation describes the complex way in which societies interact and sustain themselves, from their language, politics and agriculture to their architecture and social structures. As pointed out by the National Geographic, the term ‘civilisation’ is considered problematic by modern academics, but it’s traditionally used to distinguish complex, urban societies from humanity’s nomadic, tribal prehistory.

What is prehistory?

Prehistory refers to a period before the written word, when early humans lacked the ability to provide records of what life was like. Archaologists, anthropologists and other scholars have, however, been able to piece together a picture of how the earliest humans on Earth lived.

What is Earth?

Earth is the planet on which human beings live. It’s the third planet from the Sun, and currently the only astronomical body known to support life of any kind. The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, and according to a report published by the US Geological Survey, is about one-third the age of the universe itself.

What is the universe?

The universe is, quite simply, “everything,” NASA writes. “It includes all of space, and all the matter and energy that space contains. It even includes time itself and, of course, it includes you.”

What am I?

You are a human being, sitting or standing on a large rock orbiting the sun, occupying a tiny dot in space and time, wondering how to watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3, streaming now on Disney+.

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