Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny | UK Disney+ debut confirmed

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The UK release of Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny is running two weeks behind the US on the Disney+ service.

It might not have set the box office alight in the way Disney hoped earlier this year, but it’ll be hoping that the hugely expensive Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny will find a fresh audience on its home release. That home release is just getting underway.

Unusually in the UK, for Disney at least, the physical media release has come first. The film lands on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K disc in the UK on Monday 4th December, and you can find the release here.

In the US, the movie has just headed to the Disney+ service, but we’re having to wait just a little longer for it to pop up in the UK. Disney will be releasing the film on the service on December 15th over here. No reason given for the two week lapse on the US release, but hey ho.

Also, strikes me it’s taken 150 words to get to the actual point here. Yikes. We’re in danger of turning into one of those websites.

None of the extra features from the disc release, incidentally – and there are plenty of them – look like they’re making the jump to Disney+.

As for the film itself, well we wrote a lot of spoiler-filled thoughts on it here earlier in the year.

It still feels like a movie that missed an opportunity really, and whilst we didn’t have to pay the bill ourselves, the fact that it cost in the region of $300m to make is really quite staggering. The global box office take of $384m fell far short of expectations, but maybe this is a movie that improves on subsequence viewings. Who knows?

Anyroad, we’ll leave with the trailer for now. If Internet magic has worked, it’ll appear just below these words, ready for your eyes.

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