James Bond | ITVX to stream all 25 films for free in the UK

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All 25 James Bond films are heading to ITV to stream for free in the UK: and it all starts in March. More here.

While we continue to await substantive news of the next James Bond film and, well, the next James Bond, ITV is going to happily provide UK 007 fans with a free refresher at the story so far.

In March, it’s been announced, all 25 James Bond movies are going to be available for the first time on a free streaming service in the UK. That from March 4th, each day a different James Bond film will screen on the ITV4 channel, and then for 30 days afterwards, will be available via ITVX.

Thus, a little bit the old way of doing things, a little bit the new way of doing things.

Scheduled so far are:

4th March: Goldfinger

5th March: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

6th March: The Spy Who Loved Me

7th March: Licence to Kill

8th March: GoldenEye

10th March: Skyfall

ITV is also adding a pair of official documentary features to its streaming service as well. They are Everything Or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007, and Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story.

The deal that ITV has struck with Amazon MGM Studios for the rights to put all of these on also allows it to screen the official James Bond films several times a year on ITV channels. Its not been confirmed, but we’re assuming that after every linear transmission of a Bond movie, it’ll head back to ITVX again. Don’t hold us to that, though.

Of course, lots of us already have access to these films via discs and pre-bought digital versions. But still, it’s a nice way to have them all on streaming to access, for the days when it just feels like too much effort to get off our backsides and root around in the Blu-ray cupboard!

More on the future of James Bond as we hear it…

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