Jason Blum on spoiler-y trailers for movies

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Producer Jason Blum responds to criticisms of heavy spoilers in movie trailers.

Comfortably one of the most spoiler-y movie trailers in recent times was for Jordan Peele’s movie, Us. We’re not going to post said promo here, just to report that in one of the trailers for the movie, it gives an awful lot of the game away. There’s a similar argument aimed at the promo for Get Out. And the issue of just how much is being given away has now been raised again with The Invisible Man.

Producer Jason Blum has been asked about this on Twitter, with one user directly asking him if he can sort out just how much the trailers to the films he oversees are revealing. And he gave a pretty candid answer to the question.

“I wish we didn’t have to do that”, he wrote, “but there is almost not other way to tear people away from Netflix and all the great choices they have at home. So you have my sincerest apologies and maybe in future your idea to watch our trailers after you’ve seen our movies is a good one!”

He also added – and again, we’re deliberately being vague here – that there’s a moment that was going to be in the trailer for The Invisible Man, that was taken out at the request of writer/director Leigh Whannell.

You can find the Twitter exchange here – again, to keep things spoiler-light, we’re linking to it rather than embedding – and you can hear our own full podcast interview with Mr Blum right here.

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