Jason Bourne | A sixth movie is in the works

Jason Bourne
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All Quiet On The Western Front’s Edward Berger is in talks to direct Bourne 6, representing something of a coup for the project.

Whilst things are supposedly very much in the developmental stages, it looks like Universal is keen to get the wheels turning once again on another film in the Bourne franchise. According to Deadline, the studio is eager to revive one of its biggest action franchises and is pursuing Edward Berger to develop and direct the film.

Berger helmed All Quiet on the Western Front, the German film that took home gold at this year’s Oscars for Best International Picture. The resounding critical success of his World War I drama likely means that Berger has been presented with plenty of options, though he hasn’t yet committed to anything as far as we know.

If Universal can tempt the German/Austrian filmmaker to helm the next Bourne movie, that might go some way to convincing series star Matt Damon to sign up too.

As per the report, Damon isn’t attached yet and won’t officially sign up until he sees a story and script that he’s happy with. Whilst it isn’t confirmed, the piece quotes an insider who confirms that Damon is central to the studio’s plans. Hopefully that means we won’t be presented with a Bourne film that is missing the title character as happened with 2012’s The Bourne Legacy, when Jeremy Renner was set to take over the franchise.

As for Universal, the studio will be keen for the series to continue its upwards commercial curve, given that 2016’s Jason Bourne (featuring a returning Matt Damon) grossed $50m more than its Damon-less predecessor, the aforementioned The Bourne Legacy.

You could argue that the studio’s biggest live action franchises are in a state of commercial decline as of late, that’s certainly true of both the Jurassic World and Fast & Furious films. With that in mind, Universal will no doubt be eager to reverse that trend and whilst we know next to noting right now,

Edward Berger does at least seem like an exciting appointment as director. We’ll bring you more on this story when we hear fresh news.

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