Jiu Jitsu trailer: Nicolas Cage + sci-fi + martial arts

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Nicolas Cage, in a wig, in a film involving a space ninja, some martial arts and a whole lot more – here’s the trailer for Jiu Jitsu.

Imagine the monster from 1987’s Predator reincarnated as a space ninja. Then, imagine that instead of big guns, a band of the world’s greatest martial artists find themselves having to go toe to toe with it.

Interested? Now, imagine the whole thing narrated by Nic Cage with a wig and a general manner that’s just the right type of crazy.

Welcome to Jiu Jitsu, an already-announced film that looks like ticking all the boxes you could possibly ever want ticking. What’s more, we now have a trailer too.

The film is getting a release next month on PVoD and in cinemas (presumably to ensure it is eligible for Oscar contention). It looks like an absolute blast, following a band of ancient warriors who are charged with fighting a space alien every six years to save humanity. Hopefully, we get to see Cage himself engage in some martial arts fisticuffs too.

He’s always had the moves in that department, ever since we first saw him throw some wild karate kicks on the late Terry Wogan’s BBC chat show.

No details yet on the format of the UK release but we’ll let you know when we hear. Until then, we’d recommend taking a look at the supercharged trailer below.

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