Wes Anderson’s espionage film to shoot in spring 2024

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Following a vintage year in 2023, Wes Anderson is looking to enter 2024 in productive fashion, it seems.

Even by his (presumably beautifully-appointed) standards, Wes Anderson enjoyed a stellar 2023. He doesn’t appear to be stopping for long to take it all in.

His feature film Asteroid City was hailed as an outstanding achievement, while the filmmaker’s series of Roald Dahl short films released on Netflix to no shortage of acclaim. Following a vintage year, it seems that Anderson is looking to challenge himself once more in 2024 as he looks to take on the espionage genre. It’s said to be an unconventional three-hander that is set to shoot in the spring.

Focusing largely on three cast members is unconventional for Anderson in two senses: firstly, the filmmaker is renowned for building larger ensemble casts while this (as yet untitled) project is said to focus almost entirely on three actors played by Benicio del Toro, Michael Cera and a third, unnamed talent.

Also unconventional is that del Toro is said to feature in every single shot of the film.

Anderson reportedly completed the script last year before the writer’s strike began, having co-written the script with Roman Coppola, his occasional writing partner.

World of Reel is reporting that a late spring date has been locked in, meaning that we might not see the film until next year – although that’s far from confirmed.

Still, those wishing for an Anderson fix in 2024 may be in luck. Not long ago, rumours were floating round that there are more Netflix Dahl short films on the way. Whether that proves to be true we don’t know, but we’re hoping that the director releases something in 2024 – or are we just being greedy?

We’re guessing that it won’t be long until we hear a few more details about this unnamed movie project, including title, further casting and location. When we do hear more, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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