John Carpenter offers brief take on the stalled Christine remake

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John Carpenter’s opinion on Bryan Fuller’s proposed remake of his 1983 horror flick Christine is short, but typically spiky. 

It’s been two years since Bryan Fuller was announced as the director of a new version of Stephen King’s classic horror novel, Christine. That’s the one about a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury that embarks on a murderous killing spree. John Carpenter previously helmed a 1983 adaptation of the book – which both celebrate their 40th anniversary this year.

The project will mark Fuller’s feature film directorial debut, but – despite overseeing some popular TV shows such as American Gods, Star Trek: Discovery and Hannibal – unfairly or not, Fuller has developed a bit of a reputation for starting projects and then walking away before completing them.

Whether that’s the case with the seemingly-stalled Christine remake we don’t know, but remaking the film doesn’t seem to be too popular a choice. Stephen King popped up a year or so ago to say he wasn’t looking forward to the remake, while John Carpenter has now offered his succinct take on the project, stating: “Oh boy. Well, good luck to him. It will probably be better,” when quizzed about the project by Total Film.

Carpenter is renowned for his spiky sense of humour, so we can’t imagine that statement is completely without irony, especially since Fuller publicly threw shade at the 1983 film a while ago, calling it “a cookie, and the Stephen King book is a tiramisu.”

Carpenter added that the original film, despite its enduring popularity, was just another gig for him. “I know there’s some rumblings about its anniversary. My question is, ‘Why?’ I needed a job, frankly. The Thing was my very first studio film. I was just diving in the pool here, and all of a sudden, WHAM.”

Carpenter’s film, for which he also co-composed the music (like many of his projects), remains a really fun watch. It will be interesting to see what Fuller, a respected writer, can add to the story – if indeed the project is still alive. Sony and Blumhouse are producing the film, with Jason Blum producing. We’ll bring you more details on this one if and when we hear them.

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