Jurassic World | Universal could have the next film as early as 2025

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Universal appears to have a script for a new Jurassic World film written by David Koepp – and it could be out in 2025. More here.

Even though the critical notices for 2022’s trilogy-closer Jurassic World: Dominion were not on the positive side, the film still managed to just about claw in over $1bn at the global box office. And while it brought to an end the narrative of the six films in the Jurassic Park boxset to that point, few really believed that it was the last we’d seen of the franchise on the big screen.

And so it proves.

News has broken that David Koepp – who penned the screenplay for the original Jurassic Park – has quietly been hard at work fashioning a fresh Jurassic World story. Note that it’s a Jurassic World story and not a Jurassic Park story.

As it turns out, as per the story over at The Hollywood Reporter, the project is relatively advanced too. It sounds as though Koepp has turned in work that’s been well-received at the studio, to the point where it’s believed to be considering putting the film before the cameras this year. If it did that? Well, Universal would have a surefire blockbuster hit for summer 2025, assuming it got its skates on.

There are a few stumbling blocks, the primary one being the lack of a director on the movie. Colin Trevorrow helmed two of the last three films, but he’s not likely to come back now. Without somebody in the director’s chair, that 2025 date looks ambitious.

There’s the small matter of a human cast/dinosaur food as well, with the hint so far that it’ll be a new ensemble brought in for the film as opposed to familiar faces getting another run-out.

Story details are, as you’d expect, heavily under wraps. Should Universal definitely hit the fast-track button on whatever Jurassic Park 7 turns out to be, then you can expect to be hearing about it in the next couple of months…

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