Adam Deacon’s Sumotherhood | DVD and Blu-ray release confirmed in UK

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Hit British comedy Sumotherhood is coming to DVD and Blu-ray in February. More details on the release here.

For his return to directing after over a decade, Adam Deacon brought to the screen the comedy Sumotherhood last autumn. Deacon directed the film, took the lead role, and co-wrote the movie too, which built on the success of Anuvahood back in 2011.

The new movie attracted a whole bunch of cameos that I don’t want to spoil here (although the promotion for the movie sort of did!), and there’s a bank robbery sequence in the midst of the film that just keeps building and building as more faces appear.

Paramount Pictures backed the picture in the UK, and it enjoyed modest success at the box office too. Now, the film is also getting a physical media release, with Paramount set to issue Sumotherhood on DVD and Blu-ray on February 26th 2024.

From what we can gleam, there’s no extra features on the disc release, but the fact that it’s getting a physical media outing at all is good news.

The film has gone up for preorder now as well, and you can find more information on it – and buy yourself a copy – right here.

It’s already available to rent via video on demand platforms as well.

If you’re coming to the film cold, meanwhile, and want to know a little bit more regarding what it’s about, then a synopsis is available. And it reads as follows…

In this parody of the UK urban genre Riko and Kane have got it all … big dreams, no respect and a fifteen grand debt. Could things get any worse? Yes! So, it’s time to man up and finally be taken serious as “Roadmen”. In this hilarious action comedy, Riko and Kane quickly learn that crime doesn’t always pay. Owing money to dangerous drug lords, they try to pull off a daring bank robbery and stumble into business with one of East London’s most notorious gangs.

We wait and see what Adam Deacon directs next, and will update you when we hear more.

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